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Kids Day

 Dr. Okai has been providing  great opportunity for kids to experience chiropractic adjustment and healthy growth for past 25+ years.

 Dr. Okai adjusts kids 0 to 14 years old for free on Kids Day. This is held on every 3rd Monday of the month at San Jose Clinic and every 3rd Tuesday of the month at San Mateo Clinic. High School students are adjusted for only $20 on Kids Day. This service includes adjustment and posture instruction.

 At least one of kid's parents must be a patient of Dr. Okai to be qualified for this program.

 The purpose of Kids Day is to provide maintenance care for healthy growth for children. Therefore, kids who have problems or symptoms and require more detail examination and care, do not qualify for Kids Day program. Dr. Okai would determine if kids would be qualified for Kids Day program. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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