Insurance & Fee

 Okai Chiropractic Clinic has provider agreements with some insurance companies. Please check the "Provider List" on your insurance company website. Even we are not on Provider List, they have Out Of Network Coverage in many policies.

We welcome Non-Insurance Patients!

 90% of Dr. Okai's patients receive treatment without health insurance. Dr. Okai offers "Non-insurance discount program" to help non-insurance patients benefit by receiving the same great care with reasonable fees. We can explain the program in more detail before you proceed with our care. Okai Clinic has been loved and has a great reputation in our community for many years.

Discount fees for your initial visit!

 Patients not using insurance will receive an initial visit  discount for only $150.  It includes consultation, exam, x-ray(if necessary), physiotherapy(electric muscle stimulator & ice/ hot packs), massages, chiropractic adjustment and report of finding.  Your personal adhesive pads(included for initial fee) are used for the electric muscle stimulator. These pads will be kept on file for just your personal usage for future treatment, and replaced (with notice of an additional charge for $20) when they wear out.