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Chiropractic Care

​ Dr. Okai a provides sophisticated traditional chiropractic adjustment with a delicate touch for each of his patients. He understands patients' concerns and modifies his technique for each patients and their needs. You will understand why Dr. Okai has been loved and well supported by his patients over 30 years.

 Dr. Okai also provides physiotherapy such as electric muscle stimulator, heat/ice therapy and ultrasound therapy.

 The "Shiatsu" massage therapy by Dr. Okai is the most effective massage you will ever experience. His delicate hands penetrate into your muscle fibers and meridian points to increase muscle tone and reduce muscle spasms. It also enhances lymph flow and circulation to promote better healing of tissue.

 He also provides Graston, Kinesio-taping and self-grip taping as needed.

 Instruction for optimum posture and rehabilitative exercises are also available.

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