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​Common Conditions

 The effectiveness of chiropractic care covers many problems even though its' original purpose is enhance immune system and maximizing human healing power itself which is called "Innate Intelligence". Following list shows some of common conditions we treat in our clinics. If you were wondering that chiropractic care is right for your condition, please feel free to call us!

Common Conditions

-Neck Pain     -Back Pain     -Headache     -Dizziness     -Disc Hernia     -Sciatica


-Numbness of limbs     -Shoulder Pain     -Unstable or Distorted Pelvis     -TMJ Pain 


-Whiplash Injury     -Thoracic Outlet Syndrome     -Frozen Shoulder     -Ankle Sprain


-Golf/Tennis Elbow     -Carpal Tunnel Syndrome     -Knee pain     -Tendinitis      


-Hip Pain    -Rib Pain     -Muscle Strain     -Menstrual Pain     -Chronic Fatigue


-Constipation     -Irritation     -Arthritis     - Autonomic Nerve Disorder     -Others

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